About Us We are a leading engineering consulting firm

We have the capacity and the expertise to take on any project no matter how big it is.

SGI provides consultancy services in the following engineering fields:

  • Water Resources and Water Supply
  • Transportation
  • Environmental development
  • Civil Infrastructure
  • Energy and Power
  • Oil & Gas
  • Other Specialised Areas

Organisation Structure

SGI is organised along the lines of a modern engineering consulting firm. Teams comprised of various experts, and professional Engineers and technicians. The expert professionals are engineers whose competence is recognised within the profession and in the market, and who embody the technological expertise of SGI. Other supporting personnel are the various staff responsible for administrative, technical support, data processing and document – preparing services. For the purpose of meeting the specific requirements of each projects, the most qualified people are selected to form the project team. This organisational structure offers to the customer all the guarantees of quality and reliability that are required for the successful execution of projects of various sizes and different degree of complexity.




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