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Energy & Power

Over the years, SGI has acquired high-level skills in the areas of generation, transmission, and distribution of energy. Originally, engineering skills were basically related to design and construction, as part of hydroelectric projects. The range has now been enlarged to include thermal production (oil or gas fired power plants), high voltage transmission, and distribution networks.  SGI can today provide a complete range of services that reinforce and promote its energy development activities.


  • Electrical interconnection stations in air or SG6 gas “insulated”
  • Transformation stations
  • Underground lines in gas cables or “insulated”
  • Auxiliary direct and alternative power supply
  • Emergency sets and uninterruptible power supply


The LINES section designs and implements all outside installations for medium, high and very high voltage transport. Main activities on lines include:

  • New lines
  • Modifications and moving existing lines
  • Renovating and upgrading existing lines
  • Associated civil engineering works (protection against natural risks, roads and rail, coarse work etc.)
  • ulti-circuit transmission lines and circuits
  • Rural electrification


The hydro and thermal plant equipment covers mechanical engineering with specific application in the field of energy transformation. Specific activities on Hydro plant include:

  • Hydraulic turbines
  • Storage pumps
  • Hydraulic analysis of collection systems, transient phenomena
  • Gates
  • Auxiliary plant mechanic equipment


 The (thermal installations, heat engineering for industrial processes)

  • Thermo-electric installations, gas turbines, steam turbines
  • Boilers, heating installations
  • Recover thermal energy from waste
  • Industrial air conditioning