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SGI has acquired substantial skills in roads, highways, railways, and all areas of transportation. The multi-disciplinary nature of the experience acquired on a number of heavy engineering projects has also helped SGI to develop necessary skills in the design of infrastructures for roads, rail and drainage facilities. Substatial experience has also been gained for the associated works like underground and surface structures.

The underground works section devotes most of its activities to designing tunnels, galleries, wells, caverns, covered galleries and ground-structure interaction works (foundations and slope stability). Underground structures may be independent main projects, or may be part of major projects on highway, railway, energy, etc.

Project Management:

In-depth experience in structural engineering has lead to development of appropriate skill in the design and construction supervision of surface structures like bridges, interchanges, flyovers, embankments, etc.


Modelling provides essential support to all departments when advanced checks on resistance and deformation of materials is required, particularly in 3d situations.

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We value respect, trust, transparency and the willingness to innovate. We hire people who share and demonstrate these values, and won’t hire those who don’t.


Clients hire us because we deliver great and sustained value, without question. We deliver projects that will stand the test of time. With us, No hassle, No worries.

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When you hire us for construction services, you know you’re getting highly qualified professionals who have the expertise and experience to make sure your project is done properly on time and functions.