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Environment & Civil Engineering

In addition to engineering experts, the presence of our team of environmental specialists ensures our high capability in proffering solutions to any environmental problems. Our activities on the environment cover such areas as;

  • Impact Studies
  • Pollution Clean-up Studies
  • Nuisance Reduction
  • Environmental Audit
  • Cleansing and Reclamation of Waste Disposal Sites
  • Waste Treatment, Valorisation and Management

SGI offers consulting activities for the development of civil infrastructures such as industrial and commercial buildings, high-rise buildings, sports and leisure facilities, public works and other specialised structures. Services are available both for the rehabilitation of existing structures, or for development of new ones. From the first concept of a project, up to the final acceptance by the Client, SGI offers comprehensive and high-quality services.

SGI can deliver integrated waste and resource management strategies to assist our clients with the ongoing management of their resources. Working with our clients to develop solutions to use natural resources more efficiently and find ways to reduce wastage, recycle and ultimately save on cost.

Using in house knowledge and experience, SGI will look at all aspects of our clients business from energy, waste, water, raw materials, utilities and logistics.

SGI offers an all encompassing package using expertise from across our whole business. Our advice is tailored to suit a range of facilities, development proposals and existing businesses and can demonstrate major cost savings from managing resources more efficiency.

The key delivery emphasis for all service is on achieving cost savings and ensuring regulatory compliance, whilst addressing the following key criteria:

  • Ensuring Full Legal Compliance and Reduce Business Risk
  • Move waste up the hierarchy with an aim for Zero Waste to Landfill (ZWTL)
  • Implement Key Financial Savings
  • Add Value and Improve Operational Performance & Efficiencies

SGI can undertake an audit of your business’s operations to identify areas where you can achieving maximum resource management and then provide you with a bespoke solution to supply long term benefits tailored to your business needs.