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Water Supply & Resources

The management of water and its cycle in the perspective of durable development is a challenge with which the whole of society is confronted. SGI has over 100 years of continuous practice in the field of water supply in various parts of the World this has resulted in a global coveragein the application of high-level skills in all its projects.

Water is one of the main areas of activities of SGI. In addition to traditional project studies and work management tasks, SGI seeks to develop durable and innovative solutions. This includes looking for financial resources, partners for turnkey delivery and installation of complete units as well as operation, surveillance and maintenance

SGI has in-depth experience in developing spring resources and mobilizing underground and surface resources, water supply by long distance pipelines, pumping stations, storage structures, regulation and alarm systems, water processing plants, urban and rural distribution networks, irrigation area networks.

For rain and waste water, SGI activities include the development of systems for collecting surface and waste water in urban, semi- urban and rural areas, lift and discharge stations, sea outlets, regulation and alarm system, domestic and industrial waste water processing plants, ways of re-using waste water processing plant silt, generation and re-use of biogas.

The long years of experience in water resources and supply engineering has also enabled SGI to have experience in specialised knowledge in Privatisation, BOT, Management Support, Commercialisation, etc. The experience and capability also cover technical issues of privatisation process, elaboration of privatisation concepts for public organizations, general evaluation, search for properly adapted BOT models, engineering assistance and services for turnkey projects.